Re: gnome-terminal idea

On Wed, Sep 23, 1998 at 11:24:30AM -0400, Tim Moore wrote:
> > I don't know why anybody would want to use anythign else then vi ...
> > does that mean that all editors should be erradicated and vi should be used
> > for all
> Well, I can think of lots of reasong why someone wouldn't want to use
> vi, but We won't get into that. :-)

that's not the point ...

> But I do think that if nobody actually uses some feature or app, it
> probably *should* be eliminated because its a waste of effort and
> clutters the interface. I'm not trying to suggest that this is one of
> those cases, but I do think there are better ways to accomplish the same
> thing.

just because it got implemented can already give you a hint that someone
thought it was usefull and is most likely using it ... (most free software
people write, they also use) ...

it's already there and there is definately at least one person who likes it,
(e.g. me) ... 

elimination of stuff that you think is unuseful is actually pretty dumb ...
unless you are sure that noone is using it 

in this case .. it's NOT the case ... I for one am using a wm without a
taskbar .. and I don't really like taskbars ... so I would like the
mdi as a notebook ... I bet tehre are a lot of people that don't use
taskbars ... or that find the tabs better then a taskbar ....

> > taskbar includes all the windows, tehrefor it's quite confusing to find
> > the window you want unless you keep your windowcount to a minimum,
> > I often have several netscape windows, and on each desktop at least a
> > couple of open terminals ... if I could have a window with tabs on each
> > desktop I would save so much space, while still making it easy to switch
> > between different windows ...
> Some WMs I know only put the windows on the current desktop in the
> taskbar, which I think is the effect you're describing.

what if I have 10 rxvt's open and two vim windows both with about 3 files
in it, all on one desktop ... this would mean 12 windows in the taskbar ...
or 16 if vim used your form of mdi (elvis does for example) ... hmmm ...
that's not good ... I want a quick way of switching between the 3 files

I could just bind a key to switch, then forward backward in a small notebook
is much faster to use then over all the 12 windows

> > toplevel windows I usually place so that I see at least a part of them,
> > since the fastest way to switch between about 20 windows is to actually
> > just click on it ... (instead of going forward/back until you find it ...
> I prefer either a taskbar or a window-list menu, but that's just me.

exactly .. now you're getting my point .... I'd be arguing for this
feature even if I didn't think it was usefull ... had I known that it's
probably usefull to some others

> OK. I can agree with that of course. I still think there are better ways
> to deal with the problem than combining all windows into one. David
> Jeske's idea to have "dockable" windows with tabs for titlebars is one.

I kind of like the current implementation ... maybe there could be
improvements to parts of it ... but otherwise it sounds fairly reasonable to

> How can I see it? Are there any apps that actually use MDI correctly?

I know ghex does


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