Re: gnome-terminal idea

On Tue, Sep 22, 1998 at 09:57:09PM -0400, Tim Moore wrote:
> > have you taken a look at gnome mdi
> Only in gEdit, which doesn't seem to respect the settings you make in
> L&F properties.

just because gedit has bugs doesn't mean teh concept sucks

> > .. it can do both .... I for one like
> > the notebook approach a lot ... but you can just use the toplevel
> > window part ...
> Right, I mentioned that I knew you could change it, I just didn't know
> why anybody *wouldn't*.

I don't know why anybody would want to use anythign else then vi ...
does that mean that all editors should be erradicated and vi should be used
for all

gnome mdi gives you the option of using both, there are problems with the
current implementation, but that's a compeltely different concept

> How so? With separate windows I just put them on top of each other. With
> tabs, I have a big row of tabs on the screen all the time. Now when I
> just stack them, it of course obscures the windows in the back such that
> I can't tell that they're there, but if that bothers me, I have my WM
> use a taskbar. Taskbars serve pretty much the same purpose as the row of
> tabs, but work for all of the windows on the desktop, not just one app
> at a time. This way, I end up having a taskbar, plus a row of tabs in
> each app, taking much more space up.

taskbar includes all the windows, tehrefor it's quite confusing to find
the window you want unless you keep your windowcount to a minimum,
I often have several netscape windows, and on each desktop at least a
couple of open terminals ... if I could have a window with tabs on each
desktop I would save so much space, while still making it easy to switch
between different windows ...

toplevel windows I usually place so that I see at least a part of them,
since the fastest way to switch between about 20 windows is to actually
just click on it ... (instead of going forward/back until you find it ...

basically what I'm saying is that just because you find some way better
doesn't mean that's gonna work for all people ...

> Oh, that's kinda cool. I didn't know you could do that. But it doesn't
> work in gEdit or gTop (at least not on my 0.27-0.28 GNOME installation).
> Is this a recent innovation, or do I need to use another app to see
> that?

this has been there ever since the linux expo .. so v0.20


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