RE: gnome cvs build probs.

I have seen the same error message, but have been able to sucessfully ignore
it.  Most likely the problem is not there, but with in ability to
find your *.m4 files.  Could you post all your error messages?  BTW the FAQ
covers a lot of this pretty well - did you look at them?


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> Sent:	Tuesday, September 22, 1998 10:20 AM
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> Subject:	gnome cvs build probs.
> Hi,
> I grabbed a CVS tarball from yesterday and have been
> trying to update one of my boxes to start playing with gtk/gnome again.
> Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get gtk+ to build;  when I try,
> autoconf complains about "AC_TRY_RUN called without default to allow
> cross-compiling" or similar, and creates a broken configure script which
> no reasonable amount of hand-hacking can get to work.  (It has a
> significant number of autoconf macros which I don't doubt are related to
> the above breakages.)
> glib has the same problems, but I managed to get it building OK with a
> little Makefile massaging.
> I suspect that this is a trivial problem, but it's bamboozling me.
> autoconf and automake are from RH5.1, for what it's worth - the system is
> largely untouched, and I've removed all obvious gtk+, glib, gnome, gimp,
> etc stuff.
> Matthew.
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