CVS modules

Ok, there seem to a an AWFUL lot of modules in CVS.  (most of which I don't
have any idea what are/do)

for example:

why does gedit have its own module?  its in gnome-utils
why isn't gnome-chess in gnome-games?

gnomoney has its own cvs server setup, so why is it in ours?
gnoom hasn't been worked on in ages
gsirc doesn't work and isn't being worked on (that i'm aware of)
gtkfe has been replaced by gnomefe i believe
guile-gtk has been replaced by gnome-guile i think

whats the status of gwp?  i know someone is working on GO which seems to be
progressing faster than gwp....

isn't libIDL in ORBit?

what is libiberty?

litespeed hasn't been worked on in forever

mico isn't being used anymore

what is think?  it was checked in the other day

is trackerg still being worked on?

gcalendar is in gnome-libs

what is moiss?

why is gtop in its own module, with libgtop seperate and libgtop-apps
seperate.  isn't gtop in gnome-utils ?

just wondering.  it seems like a waste to have so many directories with so
little organization


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dinner bell do the bell thing, dinner bell dinner bell
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