Re: BOB: GNOME Word Processor Efforts

>   Well I didn't really follow this thread. My understanding is that
> SGML document can be exported to XML and in the case of DocBook DTD
> the way around is probably true.

Norm Walsh has an XML DTD version of DocBook at his site:

and was wondering if this was what the documentation was being based on,
or whether it was the full SGML version. I was writing my PhD in
DocBook, but was forced to switch back to LaTeX when I realized how much
work it was going to take to get a DocBook/MathML system going for
formulas. Since MathML is XML, I tried using the XML version of DocBook.
Anyway, I was curious about people's opinion of the XML vs. full SGML
DTDs and whether it was even worth worrying about full SGML DocBook.


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