Re: gnome developer docs - not sgml

On Mon, Nov 02, 1998 at 05:17:28PM -0600, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > The claim is that it is to be portable everywhere.  Except that the claim is 
> > only valid for systems that have the entire circularly-referential GNU suite 
> > installed, and we've been told that that is how it is going to stay.  
> Where is this circularly-referential GNU suite required?  Can you be
> specific?
> Oh, and please, do not start a naming flamewar on this list.  If you
> want to do so, go to some advocacy newsgroup.
> > So it doesn't work on Solaris but does on "GNU/Solaris" which has
> > all the GNU packages loaded.  (We're still trying to figure out if
> > there are any GNUish packages that *don't* have to be installed for
> > it to work.)
> The dependencies are: db (not GNU), and various image manipulation
> libraries (xpm, gif, png, tiff, jpeg, and last time I checked none of
> those were GNU libraries).

yes and that is the problem, GNU stuff is nice, you download it type
./configure --prefix=/your/gnu/path && make && make install, and then go to the
next package.

but then some of the non GNU stuff gnome depends on are _NOT_ nice, they don't
have configure script, and if they have, some time they don't have the standard

> It is not our fault that proprietary operating systems like to ship
> the stat of the art unix of 1980.  Repeat after me: it is not our
> fault.  

come on, everybody knows that to have a suitable solaris system, you have to
compile as much gnu stuff as you can (and have disk space) but that is only
because we are used to the gnu way of things, and not because solaris tools are
obsolete ...



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