Re: gnome developer docs - not sgml

In message <>, Tom Tromey writes:
| >>>>> "Brandon" == Brandon S Allbery <> writes:
| > ok too bad for me then :(, i suppose this mean it is no more a goal
| > for gnome to compile on any major UNIX plateform ?)
| Brandon> Apparently the FSF and associated developers have decided
| Brandon> (again) that GNU/<insert OS here> is the only platform.  :-(
| Brandon> For all intents and purposes GNOME is out of the running as a
| Brandon> GUI for any platform but Linux.
| Did somebody say this?  I don't recall seeing it.  It has always been

The claim is that it is to be portable everywhere.  Except that the claim is 
only valid for systems that have the entire circularly-referential GNU suite 
installed, and we've been told that that is how it is going to stay.  So it 
doesn't work on Solaris but does on "GNU/Solaris" which has all the GNU 
packages loaded.  (We're still trying to figure out if there are any GNUish 
packages that *don't* have to be installed for it to work.)

It would be really nice if the "fix" for most problems on non-Linux were *not* 
along the lines of "install GNU blahblah".  If I'm going to run all GNU 
utilities it's easier to install UltraPenguin than it is to make Solaris 
"GNU-worthy".  Except that I have to run Solaris, so I have to turn it into 

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