Re: gnome developer docs - not sgml

>>>>> "Brandon" == Brandon S Allbery <> writes:

> ok too bad for me then :(, i suppose this mean it is no more a goal
> for gnome to compile on any major UNIX plateform ?)

Brandon> Apparently the FSF and associated developers have decided
Brandon> (again) that GNU/<insert OS here> is the only platform.  :-(
Brandon> For all intents and purposes GNOME is out of the running as a
Brandon> GUI for any platform but Linux.

Did somebody say this?  I don't recall seeing it.  It has always been
the intent for Gnome to compile on any reasonable Unix-like platform.
It is true that many of the developers only use Linux.  However, that
doesn't mean we are opposed to ports to other machines.  Feel free to
submit patches to make Gnome compile on Solaris, if you like.
Meanwhile, please don't spread untruths about the goals of Gnome.


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