Re: modemlights for ISDN?


On Sun, 24 May 1998, John Ellis wrote:

> Martin writes:
> >Does the modemlights applet currently work for ISDN ? Or is this
> >planned for the future ? Would be a nice to have something
> >similar than the /sbin/isdnbutton from isdn4linux (a _very_ old
> >version).
> Currently the modemlights applet will work if two conditions are met:
> 1) the ppp protocol is used as device "ppp0"
>       (to check for incoming and outgoing data)
> 2) a lock file is created when a device activates.
>       (to check if modemlights should try and get data from ppp)
> Any networking device which creates a lock file when in use
> should work. Does your ISDN software create a lock file?
> for example modem's usually use something similar to /var/lock/LCK..modem
> If you just want modemlights to work whenever ppp is up, you could just
> set the lockfile to ppp's lockfile, on my RedHat 5.0 system this is:
> /var/run/

I went online and offline a few times and forced the device to hangup, but
there is absolutely no change in /var/run.

I'll have to look at the source code of isdn4linux how this works.
/sbin/isdnbutton is red when the device is down, green when I'm online and
yellow when the card has hung up.


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