Re: a few notes on gncal


> > normal and windoze keyboards, in both work, dunno if they use
> > different key codes that windoze reads, or there is no new keycodes
> > (so keyboard generates fake key presses and windoze detects the
> > combo).
> No, they aren't. They generate their own scan codes (keycodes?
> whatever); 115, 116 and 117, from left to right. Try xev.
Yes (125,126 and 127 in linux console)

> Dunno about mad trends, but I like the Bill keys. I use the flying
> windows keys as mod3 with the window manager so that ctrl and alt are
> free for apps to use, and I have mapped the menu key to Multi_key
> (compose), which makes typing all sorts of weird accented characters
> relatively painless. But as always, YMMV.
I like them too, i use them for VT switching... (i dislike alt-arrows)

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