Re: Gyahtzee added to CVS

tromey said:
> You have to submit your .pot file to the Free Translation Project.
> Read ABOUT-NLS, or the gettext manual, for some pointers.

Ok, I've read about-nls.  I've still got a few questions:

1) even though gyahtzee is a part of gnome-games, _I_ should
   be the one to go out and coordinate the translation for
   this program.  It won't just happen one day because it's
   part of the gnome CVS/distribution?
2) Assuming I need to contact the translation teams, reading
   ABOUT-NLS, I didn't notice a single address where I could
   send something to have it translated into all the
   participating languages.  Instead I've got to contact each
   language team individually?

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