Re: gyahtzee rule discrepancy for multiple yahtzees

Yo 'Ric Dude wrote:
> Gyahtzee does not allow multiple yahtzees in the same
> game.  I believe the classic rules are: if you get more
> than one yahtzee after claiming the 50 points for the
> first (i.e. not if you scratched it already) additional
> yahtzees are worth 100 pts each.

Sorry, I haven't looked at an official yahtzee rulesheet in probably 15
years.  Everything I know about the game I've learned from zorest's
yahtzee.  Maybe this is how we avoid copyright infringement ;)

Anyhow, it seems in the curses version, additional yahtzee's were scored
at 50 pts each, assuming you didn't take a zero for yahtzee earlier in
the game.  I flubbed an if{} that used to handle this.  It's back now,
as soon as I commit my changes.  If you take an additional yahtzee, you
will get an additional turn, later ...  I don't know what the official
rules are, but in this version, you get to take additional turns after
play has completed if you get multiple yahtzees.

Another guy, Torben, from Denmark(? .dk) writes:
> The yatzy games we buy in bookstores here, have two more fields,
> located over "3 of a kind":
> one pair
> two pairs
> And bonus is 50

I've thought about adding this as an option, but I haven't seen it
mentioned anywhere else.  Anybody else play this way (respond to, not the gnome list)?

I've searched the internet for rules, most agree with the way zorest
coded things, there's a page at that claims the
bonus should have steps: upper_total>63 bonus=+35, >71 +55, >78 +75. 
Anybody got an official MB yahtzee scoresheet that mentions what the
bonus is (again, email to  

I kind of like the dice pictured on 
Anybody good with scheme who could write a gimp script-fu to render six
dice in any color the user specified?  Or is it smarter to draw them all
in one color and then try to adjust the colormap later?  I think they'd
probably look better rendered directly in the appropriate colors. 
Another option I'd like is to be able to change the mask for the dots,
i.e. I specify a Wilbur shaped mask and instead of a die with six dots,
it's got six wilburs etched it it.  Anybody??

To all those who don't care about gyahtzee, I'm sorry to waste space on
the gnome-list, but it's supposed to be for gnome application
development too.


 I love Saturday morning cartoons, what classic humour!  This 
 is what entertainment is all about ... Idiots, explosives
 and falling anvils.     -- Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson

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