Re: Configuration storage

>> gnome_config should be sufficiently filesystem-independant to
>> permit people to write other backends besides the "store it in a
>> file" one.

Ian> The interface, maybe.

This is the important part.  Changing the implementation only has to
be done in one place; changing the interface has to be done in every
Gnome program.

(I'm not a big fan of the current config interface, either, but I'm
not going to do anything about it...)

Ian> Actually, I was quite surprised at the small number of places in
Ian> which CORBA's used at the moment.

The basic problem is that current ORBs are less than nice.  That is,
it's an implementation issue, not a conceptual one.  Once ORBit is
ready you'll see CORBA pop up in many places.

Ian> Basically I was just wondering if anyone had given any thought to
Ian> it, since it seemed strange to assume that all clients could read
Ian> your home directory, and there was no sign in the gnome-config
Ian> files that the code was considered a stopgap.

It's been discussed, but nothing's been done about it.  Proposals I
remember include using LDAP, CORBA, and vfs.


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