Re: AVFS (which is A VFS)

> I would gladly contribute, but I have no internet (i.e. CVS) access,
> only Web access. Are there tarball snapshots available? Best would be
> if the VFS part could be downloaded separately (since it's now
> standalone).

I do believe Jim Pick makes his snapshots available trough an ftp site
on a frequent basis.

Making the VFS a separate module would be trivial (we just one of
those virtual thingies to the CVS).

> Yes I was. Now I'm trying to make it work using the LD_PRELOAD dinamic
> linking mechanism (see zlibc) of redefining the open, etc. syscall
> functions. This way programs don't need to be changed or recompiled at
> all! Some success (e.g. Emacs is now working perfectly with AVFS), but
> a lot of thing to sort out yet...

This is what Pavel's Libhack does and you could also talk to Oleg
about this, he has a different approach that does the magic at
link time.


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