Re: Configuration storage

Elliot Lee writes:
 > On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Ian Wells wrote:
 > > Is the configuration file system set in stone yet?  It's just that I can
 > > see one big advantage we have over a Windows-like system (other than not
 > > using a Windows registry ;-) is that we can run applications remotely. 
 > > In order that you keep your desktop settings, theming and everything
 > > else consistent, I would think you'd want to access program settings via
 > > the X server (as apps do now, using xrdb) rather than via the
 > > filesystem. 
 > gnome_config should be sufficiently filesystem-independant to permit
 > people to write other backends besides the "store it in a file" one.

The interface, maybe.  The implementation's very much tied to a file;
looking at it I couldn't initially see how you'd salvage bits of it.

 > > I imagine this is a job for CORBA
 > CORBA to a remote box, or ACAP, or LDAP, or one of a million other
 > approaches ;-)

Yeah, well, CORBA's used in GNOME already, and you'd expect all
clients, local or remote, to be able to use a CORBA object involved
with the desktop, so it seemed kind of sensible.  Actually, I was
quite surprised at the small number of places in which CORBA's used at 
the moment.

Basically I was just wondering if anyone had given any thought to it,
since it seemed strange to assume that all clients could read your
home directory, and there was no sign in the gnome-config files that
the code was considered a stopgap.


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