Re: Configuration storage

On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Ian Wells wrote:

> Is the configuration file system set in stone yet?  It's just that I can
> see one big advantage we have over a Windows-like system (other than not
> using a Windows registry ;-) is that we can run applications remotely. 
> In order that you keep your desktop settings, theming and everything
> else consistent, I would think you'd want to access program settings via
> the X server (as apps do now, using xrdb) rather than via the
> filesystem. 

gnome_config should be sufficiently filesystem-independant to permit
people to write other backends besides the "store it in a file" one.

> I imagine this is a job for CORBA

CORBA to a remote box, or ACAP, or LDAP, or one of a million other
approaches ;-)

-- Elliot
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