Re: Gnome and WM

Sri Ramkrishna <> writes:

> I get the same thing, (in fact got on this mailing list to get this
> question answered, how fortuitous ;)    I didn't know that it was a window
> manager thing.

<AOL> me too. </AOL>

Is this actually a problem with the window manager? I tried wmaker,
fvwm2, enlightenment and olvwm and it's always the same: panel exits
with exit status 0 and all applets complain that they cannot talk to the
panel. Compilation was smooth with gtk+-1.0.4, Imlib-1.4, mico-2.0.6,
gnome-0.20, guile-1.2, gcc- The standalone apps, including gimp,
all work flawlessly. And yes: i can ping localhost.

Holger Franz <>

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