Re: Gnome and WM

> Is this actually a problem with the window manager? I tried wmaker,
> fvwm2, enlightenment and olvwm and it's always the same: panel exits
> with exit status 0 and all applets complain that they cannot talk to the
> panel. Compilation was smooth with gtk+-1.0.4, Imlib-1.4, mico-2.0.6,
> gnome-0.20, guile-1.2, gcc- The standalone apps, including gimp,
> all work flawlessly. And yes: i can ping localhost.

Looks like it's not.  I ran panel through the debugger (btw, the install
process I notice does not strip the symbol table when it installs.. Iguess
thats okay since it's beta) and it exited normally.  So I'm not sure what
error to check for since apparently all conditions are met.  I'm guessing
it must be this config file it must be complaining about.  What is it, how
do  we get it and where do we install it?


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