Re: Gnome and WM

>>>>> "hf" == Holger Franz <>
>>>>> wrote the following on 19 Jun 1998 11:16:01 +0200

hf> Sri Ramkrishna <> writes:
>> I get the same thing, (in fact got on this mailing list to get this
>> question answered, how fortuitous ;)    I didn't know that it was a window
>> manager thing.

hf> <AOL> me too. </AOL>

hf> Is this actually a problem with the window manager? I tried wmaker,
hf> fvwm2, enlightenment and olvwm and it's always the same: panel exits
hf> with exit status 0 and all applets complain that they cannot talk to the
hf> panel. Compilation was smooth with gtk+-1.0.4, Imlib-1.4, mico-2.0.6,
hf> gnome-0.20, guile-1.2, gcc- The standalone apps, including gimp,
hf> all work flawlessly. And yes: i can ping localhost.

I just started to look into the fvwm2 code (the wm i'm using) and the
WM specs on the gnome website in order to produce a patch for fvwm2 to 
use the pager applet for switching desktops.

The problem is the window manger should provide some atoms holding the 
names of the workspaces and the currently active wrkspace. fvwm2 has
no idea about workspaces, they are handled by the fvwm-pager module.

The question i have is: How is the thing supposed to work. AFAIK it's
the wm's task to provide mapping and unmapping of windows when
switching the workspace. This is already done by the fvwm2-pager
module. So i don't want to duplicate the effort. Would it be
sufficient to rip out the visible parts of the fvwm-pager module,
enhance it with a mechanism to set the gnome-pager  required

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