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sun <> wrote:
> and back to the original idea of this thread: win32 seems to have dibs
> on the bottom of the screen, mac os stakes their claim on the top.
> windowmaker, nextstep, afterstep, etc. seem to have staked out the right
> side of the screen for unix variants; may i propose that gnome follow
> suit by default?
I also think so. in addition, it takes less screen real-estate that way, and
it APPEARS less intrusive to the eye.

I suggest we split the style guide into several parts:

- default configuration of the panel and those apps directly belonging to it

- general guidelines for names of menus, placement of dialogs, etc.

- artistic style-guide, concerning colors, icons etc. icons should have a
  consistent look, not one high-tech, rendered, the other 3-color comic
  style. I know this is a tough subject, and I guess we'd better all buy a
  set of new flameproof underwear before starting it. :)

- importance and outline of the style guide. this should be small readme for
  app writers that sums up just WHY the style guide is important, what it's
  all about and that it is considered a bug if the program violates it,
  unless it has a good reason to do so.

other suggestions?

Mystic Arena PBeM-Game:

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