Re: one question and one proposal

Bruno Widmann wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Tom Vogt wrote:
> > George <> wrote:
> >
> > > used apps and where to put/swallow some useless things like clock or the
> > > cpu monitor or a cdplayer .... since there is quite a lot of things that
> > > are to be presented .. it makes sense to put them all in a menu ... and
> > > where to put the menu ... on the panel ... makes a lot of sense to me
> > > ....
> >
> > I do absolutely agree. what bothers me is that the default puts everything
> > into ONE menu. this is - according to about everything I have read on the
> > subject - a bad user interface design.
> >
> i also think that way. Especially since you can't get rid of that one-menu
> ... "main menu applet" (is it called that way? or gnome-menu? obviously
> not start)
> sorry about nit-picking around at such UI-details ... it's just that
> i don't love the concept of the "start" (or K) button either.

and back to the original idea of this thread: win32 seems to have dibs
on the bottom of the screen, mac os stakes their claim on the top.
windowmaker, nextstep, afterstep, etc. seem to have staked out the right
side of the screen for unix variants; may i propose that gnome follow
suit by default?

of course, my primary reason for proposing this is that i'd like to save
new linux users fresh from the win32 trenches the confusion of comparing
this desktop to that, or thinking we're just real gui wannabe's (as i
notice many of them already forget the xerox/atari st/macintosh roots
from whence win32 came), but i see two additional benefits as well:

* it's more aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion, and

* it will help remind applet authors that their panel applets should be
equally useable in all configurations of the panel, horizontal and
vertical alike.

...and while i'm being brash enough to spew ideas without having the
knowledge to code them up myself, may i request an average-load monitor
to replace the cpu-percentage-load monitor in my panel, since i run an
rc-5 encryption challenge client (as i would encourage all of you to
do... team "libertarians for privacy" needs your help!) and my cpu is
therefore always near 100% usage?

looking forward to hearing the responses...
"Whoever saves one life saves the whole world in time." --Talmud

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