Re: one question and one proposal

Oops, apparently that was, not Sorry about that... Followups to gnome-gui-list only? 

On Thu, 18 Jun 1998, Tom Vogt wrote:
> I suggest we split the style guide into several parts:
> - general guidelines for names of menus, placement of dialogs, etc.
> - importance and outline of the style guide. this should be small readme for
>   app writers that sums up just WHY the style guide is important, what it's
>   all about and that it is considered a bug if the program violates it,
>   unless it has a good reason to do so.

I think these two are the easiest and the most important, and therefore a
good place to start.

There is already the style guide by Christopher Blizzard, and he said he
was working on it. You should keep that in mind as well.

Perhaps put the guide in CVS, under gnome-devel, and work on it as a
group. Those without CVS access can submit patches. This also facilitates
filing bugs against the style guide, e.g.  "The style guide doesn't tell
me what to do in case <whatever>". 

A specific area that needs style guide coverage months ago is menus -
order of menu items and accelerators. A question just appeared here about
this. I wrote down some menu ideas for gmc a while ago, they're in the gmc
TODO file. Probably lots of these ideas are no longer (or never were) good
ones, but you could have a look. 

Just ideas - I am overcommitted already, so I won't volunteer to do any of
this since it wouldn't get done. Also I'm not a Gnome VIP so you aren't
officially authorized. ;-) 

Havoc Pennington ====

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