Re: one question and one proposal

Martin Wahlen <> wrote:
> > 
> > it'd involve updating the style guide - this is tricky, you have to avoid
> Can I urge everyone to add some stuff about consistency in the wording of
> menuitems. As I was preparing the Swedish translation (Yes, it is getting
> ready) I noted that we use different words for the same thing in every
> other place and btw. is it GNOME or gnome? As an example, we tend to mix
> preferneces, settings, configuration and setup. This may be ok for English
> but in Swedish it is a pain since we have words for each of these but some
> of them are less used, almost considered obsolete. Therfore we should
> select one word, put that in the style guide and stick with it.
I guess you are right and this is yet another part of the style guide to
look after.

everyone involved in this team: I suggest you visit the interface hall of
(f/sh)ame if you don't know it already.

Mystic Arena PBeM-Game:

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