Re: one question and one proposal

robert havoc pennington <> wrote:
> If people want to work on this, I'd suggest taking over the very quiet
> mailing list, and developing a plan of action.

I think we should. I'll subscribe to gnome-gui right now. meet you guys

> I guess
> it'd involve updating the style guide - this is tricky, you have to avoid
> endless flamage about each decision - and then filing bugs in the
> bug-tracking system, leaving some time for program authors to talk to you
> about them (and familiarize yourself with gnome-libs), and then starting
> on fixes.
I don't think this will be easy, but I do think it is worth every trouble,
because for the simple user the interface is what it's all about, he neither
knows nor cares about libraries, toolkits or corba. :)

Mystic Arena PBeM-Game:

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