RE: one question and one proposal

>On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, Tom Vogt wrote:
>> I heard that the "light beacon" stuff has found its way into the gnome
>> is there any code about this in the 0.20 release? are there any apps
>> currently that use this? what is the general status?
>There's a lamp widget but no apps use it.
>> I have had a small discussion with a professional screen designer about
>> (and other) topics and I have done a bit of research myself. if anyone is
>> even interested in making changes like this, I'd be glad to join that
>> and yes, interface decisions should always be a team effort.
>In my view, something like this is needed to have a productive UI team:
>- style guide in CVS, with bug reports filed on it when a programmer is
>  unsure what their program should do. Then a decision is reached.
>- a way to reach decisions: dictator or democracy, but someone has to
>  say "flame war over, this is how it is"
>- style guide is written in terms of practical implementation details.
>  e.g., "Use GnomeApp," whenever possible
>- style guide has a "checklist" feel so programs can be checked against
>  it
>- there has to be someone going over Gnome apps and fixing small style
>  screwups on a regular basis, and/or filing bugs on apps which violate
>  the style guidelines.
>A team endlessly discussing exciting new UI ideas or where the dialog
>buttons should be is utterly useless. What's needed is someone to do the
>tedious and boring job of getting all the File menus in the same order,
>making all the apps use the same accelerators for the same things, porting
>apps to use widgets like GnomeApp and GnomeDialog, etc. There should be a
>maintained style guide with clear checklist-style criteria, and it should
>be considered a bug if apps do not follow the guide.
>In short, down-to-earth programmers willing to do the dirty work would be
>tremendously helpful here. Long discussions on gnome-list are extremely
>unhelpful. Doing this right might involve some charitable company hiring a
>hacker, since it isn't something volunteers will jump at.
>I don't know which kind of team you had in mind, but that's my input on
>which you should have had in mind. ;-)
>Havoc Pennington ====

I would like to participate on this. I don't know a lot about C and very few
about Gtk, but I think these tasks will be easy enough for me and few people
here will want to work on them. It is the dirty job which nobody wants to

- yiyus

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