Re: Esound problems and my darned AWE32 sound card

On Tue, Jun 16, 1998 at 11:28:17PM -0500, Paul Johnson wrote:
> With Redhat 5.1, I've been through a lot of trouble/tribulations
> trying to make esound work.  I first discovered the problem when 
> I installed Enlightenment 14.  The wave files supplied are 16 bit
> and they make loud screeching sounds when they play.  I found that
> I could convert them to 8 bit and they play fine.
> I also found that the 16 bit wave files play ok with a program like
> wavplay, but there is a possibility that waveplay is internally aware
> of the problems with 16 bit files and it automagically plays them as 8 bit.
> I don't know.

Sounds strange to me that wavplay would do anything like that. But, maybe.

The /dev/dspW accepts as default 16 bit, one channel, signed, little
endian, 8000 hz data. So if you got such a file, do something like:

sox bla.wav -t raw bla.raw
dd if=bla.raw of=/dev/dspW

If that works, you know your system can play 16bit sound..

(can you play mp3's, btw? mp3 players will send 16 bit data for

> Sorry to spam the whole gnome list with this, but I'm hoping there
> is a Esound or sound card buff out there who can tell me what's up.
> I have joined the redhat sound-list, but for some reason I cannot
> fathom, it rejects the note I send in as not being from the same 
> address through which I subscribed. But the notes are sent in from
> the same computer, same everrything, and I've not yet heard back from
> their listmaster.

There are other mailing lists dealing with sound.. Info about the
linux-sound list is at:

But if this is a EsounD problem then that's probably not the
right list.

Simon Kågedal <> - Homepage:

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