Re: Gnome for RH5.1 only?

Marc Ewing <> writes:

> writes:

> > I'm going to give a try compiling gnome from the source rpms. My
> > target machi ne is a RH4.2, so running libc5. I haven't any reason
> > to upgrade to RH5.1 nor glibc yet.

> > I can undernstand that the gnome proyect doesn't want to build
> > binaries for l ibc5. But I want to know if the source rpms are
> > ready to be rebuilded in a RH system < RH5.x.

> > If no, I wonder if I'm going to be forced to upgrade to RH5.1 in
> > the same way that M$ force to their customers to upgrade programs
> > the way they want.

> The source RPMs have not been tested on anything other than Red Hat Linux
> 5.1 + all the updates listed in the errata.  I have heard that people
> are running GNOME fine on Red Hat 4.2, but they are building everything
> themselves.  Certainly, we'd all be interested in portability problems
> in GNOME that would prevent it from running on any installation (with
> suitable updates).

When I last checked, the snapshots compiled and ran fine on Debian
(2.0) too - I believe there is somebody working on official packages.

(You actually end up with a slightly better setup, because the Debian
libtool handles dependencies correctly - hence less chance of linking
the wrong things together.)

I'll probably try building some UltraPenguin binaries (32bit) within
the next few weeks.


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