Re: Gnome for RH5.1 only?

>>>>> "Joe" == joe user <> writes:

Joe> I'm going to give a try compiling gnome from the source rpms. My
Joe> target machine is a RH4.2, so running libc5.

Joe> I can undernstand that the gnome proyect doesn't want to build
Joe> binaries for libc5. But I want to know if the source rpms are
Joe> ready to be rebuilded in a RH system < RH5.x.

I don't know if the SRPMS themselves will work on systems other than
RH5, because I've never even looked at them.

However, the source from the CVS repository does build for me on my
system, which is Red Hat 4.0.  I'm sure it works elsewhere as well.

It's true that most of the work goes into RH 5.  That's because many
of the developers work at Red hat.  In fact, though, Gnome is not tied
to any particular system, not even Linux.


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