Re: Gnome for RH5.1 only? writes:
> I'm going to give a try compiling gnome from the source rpms. My target machi
> ne is a RH4.2, so running libc5. I haven't any reason to upgrade to RH5.1 nor
>  glibc yet.
> I can undernstand that the gnome proyect doesn't want to build binaries for l
> ibc5. But I want to know if the source rpms are ready to be rebuilded in a RH
>  system < RH5.x.
> If no, I wonder if I'm going to be forced to upgrade to RH5.1 in the same way
>  that M$ force to their customers to upgrade programs the way they want.

The source RPMs have not been tested on anything other than Red Hat Linux
5.1 + all the updates listed in the errata.  I have heard that people
are running GNOME fine on Red Hat 4.2, but they are building everything
themselves.  Certainly, we'd all be interested in portability problems
in GNOME that would prevent it from running on any installation (with
suitable updates).


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