Re: compilation of 0.20 under FreeBSD problem.

Jason> First, it doesn't add /usr/local/lib into the LDFLAGS, so that
Jason> has to be done manually at configure time. Hopefully, this can
Jason> be changed.

What's the bug here?  I don't think it is correct to unconditionally
put /usr/local/lib into LDFLAGS.

Jason> Second, I can figure out what libintl.h is, and what it is.

libintl.h is created by configure.  It is in the `intl' subdir, and is
a symlink to some other file (in my case, to libgettext.h, but this
depends on how you configure).

Jason> Here is the build error in gnome-libs:

Jason> In file included from gnome-app-helper.c:15:
Jason> ../libgnome/gnome-i18n.h:16: libintl.h: No such file or directory

Thanks.  The Makefiles need to have `-I../intl' in them.  At least, I
think they do.

Could you try adding `-I../intl' (no srcdir -- we want to look in the
build directory) to your Makefile and see if that helps?  If so, tell
me and I'll check in a patch.


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