Where is gnome-canvas?!

I am currently working on a project that requires the gnome-canvas widget.
I had been following the gnome-libs directory through CVS until anonymous
CVS got shut off.  When anonymous CVS got shut off, snapshot tarballs and
rpms stopped getting made.  At first I tried to wait until stuff got
ironed out, but it's been two weeks already, and the latest version of
gnome-canvas I had has hard-coded in a printf("gnome_canvas_motion\n");
that triggers every time the widget registers a mouse move event, and I
got tired of looking watching my scrollback buffers disappear to a
diagnostic message.

So I decided to upgrade.  When Jim Pick's snapshots came back up, they 
were the only world-readable daily snapshot of the CVS directory.
Unfortunately, his gnome-libs snapshot was missing the 'macros' and 'intl'
directories.  The program obviously wouldn't configure without the macros
directory, and when I fudged one together, it wouldn't compile without the
intl directory.  It was a shame, because examining the code, my problem
with gnome-canvas was fixed in the snapshot.

So I decided to try the Gnome 0.20 release.  After going through the build
process (which went flawlessly), I noticed that my application wouldn't
link, because the gnome_canvas functions were missing.  Upon further
examination, I found a line in the libgnomeui/ChangeLog that said "1998-
06-02 Federico Mena Quintero ... Removed the canvas stuff from these
files, for the upcoming release which will use gtk-1.0.4.  The canvas
needs the development branch of Gtk."

Furthermore, when I looked at the FTP site to see if I could get the old
snapshot back, I found that the development gnome directory, now called
the gnome-obsolete directory, is not even readable anymore.  I have the
code backed up on a machine at work, but still, this directory had some
useful code that is no longer reachable.

What this long ramble amounts to is this:
   1) Is the gnome-canvas widget being dropped for good?  Because if it
      is, then I'm going to have to use a different widget set than
      GNOME/GTK+.  If Federico is just hiding it to work on developing it
      a bit more, I would like some form of access to it, its appearance
      in gnome-libs was the final piece I needed to start work on my

   2) When are some form, any form of official daily snapshots and/or 
      anonymous CVS access going to be available.  I have seen posts
      saying if people want CVS access, they should develop something.
      Well, I am trying to, but it is not ready for CVS yet, and if there
      is this little support for outside developers, it won't be ready for
      a long time.  I have better things to do than beat my head against a

   3) Who is responsible for the ftp site?  Does this person read this
      list?  If so, why has there been no response to my prior questions
      regarding the layout of the ftp site?

Sorry for sounding so frustrated, it is just in the past two weeks I
have been able to spend only one day doing actual coding, the rest of the
time was spent trying to get an updated gnome-libs.  I have liked
literally everything I have seen about the GNOME project, until CVS went
down.  I hope it can get back on its feet soon.  If there is anything I
can do to help get information flowing again, let me know.


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