Re: Problems compiling GNOME 0.20

Bryan> This is with gettext-10.tar.gz, doing the following:

This version of gettext is probably too old.
Instead get the latest version from

Bryan> But of course, there IS NO configure script in that directory!!
Bryan> I downloaded this straight from Red Hat today and untarred it!

Bryan> Do I need to install autoconf and run configure w/o the ./ or
Bryan> what?  This is very extremely odd!

I agree that this is lame.  A configure script should always appear in
a source distribution.  Perhaps whoever made the dist didn't do "make

Anyway, there ought to be an "" there, which will do what
you need.  Unfortunately it means you'll need all the developers'
tools (autoconf/automake, maybe libtool).  It can be a hassle...


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