Problems compiling GNOME 0.20

Hey, I'm trying to get GNOME 0.20 installed, so far I've had nothing but

problems with
previous versions and given up.  Still having problems with 0.20, but
I'm determined to get
this thing up and running!

The first problem is with gettext, it compiles fine, but won't install.
Here is the error

/usr/bin/ginstall -c -m 644 ./locale.alias
/usr/bin/ginstall: /usr/local/share/locale/locale.alias: No such file or

make[1]: *** [install-data] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/src/gnome/gettext-0.10/misc'
make: *** [install-src-recursive] Error 1

This is with gettext-10.tar.gz, doing the following:
./configure     (successfull)
make (successfull)
make check aliaspath='/usr/X11/lib/X11/locale/locale.alias'
make install

locale.alias is located in that directory.   What am I doing wrong here?

And then, problem 2 with mico2.0.5.tar.gz, according to the

  cd mico
  ./configure --with-qt=/usr/local/qt

But of course, there IS NO configure script in that directory!!  I
this straight from Red Hat today and untarred it!

Do I need to install autoconf and run configure w/o the ./ or what?
This is
very extremely odd!

Anyways, thanks for your help, I look forward to giving GNOME a try if I

can ever manage to get it compiled and installed.

(oh yes, I know about the rpm's, but I prefer to compile and install
so I know what's on my computer and that everything is in place and


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