Re: Problems compiling GNOME 0.20

> And then, problem 2 with mico2.0.5.tar.gz, according to the
> documenation:
>   cd mico
>   ./configure --with-qt=/usr/local/qt

I was unable to get mico 2.0.5 to compile.  I fetched the newer
version 2.0.8, made a couple of changes to the gnome makefiles and it
linked ok. 

> But of course, there IS NO configure script in that directory!!  I
> downloaded
> this straight from Red Hat today and untarred it!
> Do I need to install autoconf and run configure w/o the ./ or what?
> This is
> very extremely odd!
> Anyways, thanks for your help, I look forward to giving GNOME a try if I
> can ever manage to get it compiled and installed.
> (oh yes, I know about the rpm's, but I prefer to compile and install
> everything
> so I know what's on my computer and that everything is in place and
> working
> properly).
> Bryan
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