Re: WM Compliance

Peter Bortas wrote:
> Max <> writes:

> > I am currently implementing some convenience functions in libgnomeui 
> > that allow app developers to easily work with these hints, they should 
> > be finished in a day or two. 
> One thing: Please release any small help functions that are supposed to
> be incorporated in windowmanagers as newstyle-BSD or something
> similar as not all of them are GPL.

The gnome_win_hints_* functions are for application developers. There
are no window managers written using GNOME, so that should not be a
problem. But the functions themselves are (will be) part of libgnomeui,
so they will be LGPL. BTW, I am done with the functions, I am just
testing them now with different window managers to make sure I do not
check in some embarassingly broken code. :) 

M.Watson <>

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