Re: Some questions on the GNOME 0.20 release

It sounds to me like you are mostly asking about RPMs.  GNOME 0.20
is actually released, there just are no RPMs available.  The ones
that were on the FTP site were "accidentally" released through some
mis-communication.  There are a number of issues surrounding the
release of good 0.20 RPMs on Red Hat 5.1 (at least), involving some
errata items and other stuff that we are trying to get all synced
up at once.  We hope to have 0.20 RPMs, as well as all the relevant
errata RPMs and support RPMs available in the next day or two.

Sorry about the mix up there - when we have everything ready we will
post an announcement with Red Hat 5.1 installation instructions that
should make everything clear.


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