Re: WM Compliance

Max <> writes:

> I thought there was plenty of information out there on this topic. A
> GNOME wm should implement the MWM hints. Raster wrote up some stuff
> (with code from E) that is available on the GNOME web site. There is a
> proposal that Marko Macek made re wm hints; there is a link to that
> proposal from the GNOME web site under "proposals." I am currently
> implementing some convenience functions in libgnomeui that allow app
> developers to easily work with these hints, they should be finished in a
> day or two. Not to say that the proposal is complete. There are many
> ambiguities and gaps, some of which seem to be intentionally left open
> for the WMaker people to help fill in. I suppose if the color-reactive
> (or *-reactive) stuff ever gets written, a wm should have some support
> for that as well. I have also messaged the Amiwm people, hoping to see
> what they may have to contribute to GNOME<->wm interaction. 

Amiwm is pretty much covered by the proposed icewm-hints. I've talked
with the programmer of Amiwm about some ways to integrate
color-reactiveness and has it pretty much worked out now.

One thing: Please release any small help functions that are supposed to
be incorporated in windowmanagers as newstyle-BSD or something
similar as not all of them are GPL.

> I would be very interested in writing a canonical document describing
> "GNOME awareness" for a wm. Is there anything the WMaker people have
> that would be good for GNOME to take advantage of? I am in particular
> thinking of the window menu stuff. :) I guess I am off to comb through
> the GNOME list archives to see what people have wanted in a GNOME wm
> over the last 9 months.

Amiwm-people are interested in making the menus part of the
windowmanager too, but I've thought of that as a GTK-issue so far. I
have no concrete ideas in this area, so I'll just keep quiet for now.

Peter Bortas         
Idonex AB            

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