Re: XML: status update wrote:

> P.S. I would be interested too in providing a Network access module for
>      HTTP and FTP based on the libWWW code (in the same CVS base).
>      How many Gnome apps already have some FTP or HTTP support ? What tools
>      do they use and is there any proposal for a network access API ?

Three applications that I know of use http.  MC uses it, the help
browser uses it ( I think that the code in the help browser is actually
from libwww but don't quote me on that ) and the silly Bussign applet.

I brought up the idea of adding a generic HTTP access library to the
gnome libraries so that applications could access web resources and was
shot down pretty hard at the gnome meeting after the expo.  If you can
get it into the gnome libraries you're a better man than I. :)

Personally, there are a lot of things that I would like to see done with
integration with the web and the desktop.  You can do a lot more over
HTTP than just download web pages.



Christopher Blizzard
AppliedTheory Communications, Inc.

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