RH 4.0 Compability.

Hello again guys.

My gnome is really working "okey", it does as i want it to do ;) . But
thats as far as i tgo.

In my console i get msg's like :

errno = 0, saverno = 5
out of data on read

it really doesnt make any sense to me, is it the way it should be?

Another problem i have, is that i cant compile any of the apps made for
They all refer to diffrent files i dont have (no, not gtk, imlib or

I suppose this has to do with i the fact i dont run RH 5.0 ?
Could someone please confirm this?

Another question is, how can i compile mc with gnome-support? It doesnt
generate a "gmc"-executable just "mc" ?

Hjalmar WŚhlander.

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