Re: How about maildir support?

At 10:46AM on Mon, Jun 08, 1998, Lars Marowsky-Brée <> sent:
> We should take this to the qmail list, unless you want to discuss building a
> gnome qmail configuration tool ;-) (which would better fitter in with
> linuxconf anyway)

Actually that's not a bad idea.  Fetchmail now comes with this kinda neat 
config tool which would make a good gnome applet, and it'd be interesting
to have a program that could configure mail agents and clients, perhaps
bind it to an alternative button press on the mail check applet.
I assume such a program could make use of gedit and maybe gmc to manage
a collection of seperate config files, and probably that other one that
does process control so an MTA can be restarted with a newly-created

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