Re: How about maildir support?

At 09:49AM on Mon, Jun 08, 1998, torben fjerdingstad <> sent:
> Unfortunately RedHat linux still ships with sendmail.

I can't see what's so "unfortunate" about that.
Sendmail is very well tested, actively maintained, very
configurable, and most importantly, the documentation is
mostly complete and very accurate.

Qmail's documentation is incomplete & quite inaccurate in parts,
many features like virtual hosting and anti-spam do not work,
it's not actively maintained (sorry, I can't count a new release
15 months later "active") and the fallback defence "it's more
secure than sendmail" is getting rather old and worn.

> I have replaced it with qmail on all the machines I have.
> And I use maildir mailboxes , because they never get destroyed
> when mail comes in at the same time the mailbox is updated by
> the MUA.

I don't have that problem with sendmail and mbox boxes.  All
maildir does is add three directories of complexity and cause
headaches trying to get normal services like email reading and
retrieval working properly, whereas other MTAs work out of the

If you're using qmail for the speed, try Zmailer instead.  It's
easier to get going, the documentation is accurate, the people
are friendly, you don't need to mess around a _lot_ (at all, even)
to get client applications working, plus its faster anyway.

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