Re: How about maildir support?

On 1998-06-08T18:34:09,
   Matthew Hawkins <> said:

> Qmail's documentation is incomplete & quite inaccurate in parts,

Where is the qmail documentation incomplete or inaccurate? I have found it
to be complete, but not very elaborate at times.

> many features like virtual hosting and anti-spam do not work,

Uh? Of course they work.

> it's not actively maintained (sorry, I can't count a new release
> 15 months later "active")

There have been no important bugs to fix ;-)

> I don't have that problem with sendmail and mbox boxes.  All
> maildir does is add three directories of complexity and cause
> headaches trying to get normal services like email reading and
> retrieval working properly, whereas other MTAs work out of the
> box.

maildir has some advantages, and the disadvantages you pointed out are
valid. Still, in some situations, the advantages are worth it.

I didn't want to comment on this, but you are just bashing without having
proper reasons to do so.

We should take this to the qmail list, unless you want to discuss building a
gnome qmail configuration tool ;-) (which would better fitter in with
linuxconf anyway)

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