Re: Just some ideas

> standalone mode would be a project. I'm coding "gless" right now, and 
> I could maybe add this to it. Right now I'm not living up to the motto
> "gless is gmore," I should have started with gmore. ;-)

Why not just exec 'gnome-terminal -command less <filename>' ? :)

> There isn't a central addressbook but I think it's an excellent idea and
> not even that difficult to implement, if someone wanted to give it a try. 
> Of course you'd want to store lots of info - email, URL, name, address,
> phone, etc. Maybe have BBDB compatibility. The one problem is that it'll
> be hard to integrate into existing apps like Balsa before CORBA is
> working.

Has anyone considered using ldap?  Or at least providing support to
it?  It would give access to an already defined and extensible
directory architecture that is on its way to becomming an internet

Although not that useful on an isolated personal workstation, in an
enterprise environment it would be.  And to have address-using
applications 'aware' of the service (e.g. mail applications, etc)
would be useful to anyone.

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