Re: CVS: How to avoid conflicts due to RCS keywords when merging ?


On Sun, 7 Jun 1998, Erik Kluzek wrote:

> To: Martin Baulig <>
> Subject: Re: CVS: How to avoid conflicts due to RCS keywords when merging ?
> From: Erik Kluzek <>
> On Sun, 7 Jun 1998, Martin Baulig wrote:
> > I've got some problem when merging the stable branch of libgtop into
> > the main trunk, because of my '$Id' at the beginning of each C source
> > I get conflicts during the merge in each file which I have to solve
> > manually. Is there some easy way to avoid this, i.e. to tell
> > 'cvs update -j <branch>' to consider files that only differ in RCS
> > keywords as identical ?
> Yes.  When you check-out your working directory add a "-kk" to the command
> line, and add the same on your update.
> cvs checkout -kk <module>
> cvs update -j <branch> -kk
> The "-kk" means don't expand the RCS keywords, so they are effectively
> ignored.

Many thanks, but just one question: is it necessary to restore the default
keywords substitution mode after that or will someone checking the module
out after I did the update automatically get keyword substitution turned
on again?


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