Re: XML and GNOME community

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> well, there are quite a few GPL programs that use Qt and Motif, and the
> FSF hasn't sued yet. maybe a universal XML library could be created? maybe
> w3c could agree on using the netscape license instead, and it could be

  Probability = 0, not needed anyway

> considered an external part of mozilla, usable by any unix program?
> when i think about it, there are many different HTML parsers/renderers on
> my system: lynx, netscape 4.05, mozilla, qtscape, gnome-help (xmhtml). if
> XML becomes as big as everyone's predicting, i'd hate to see the list of
> separate XML parsers available.
  Already done, except that it's not a W3C work, but rather 
reuse of code developped by one of the most active persons in the
XML Working Group.
  Mozilla already embbed expat the XML "reference" library from
James Clark, have a look at . 

> so, anyone up for creating libxml, possibly under the NPL?

  I created my own small XML library, mainly because the best way
to learn how good is a standard, is (try to) to implement it and
also because I needed Namespace extensions for RDF which was not
available when I started playing with RDF. Code availalble at
it's far from being complete but is sufficient for what I need currently.

  Actually I tend to thing that in XML the parser will never grow
a lot, it's quite easier to parse than say HTML, but the massive
coding effort is the rendering. And that part should really be shared,
that's one of the reason for my hope of the compatibility of the
NPL and Mozilla Licence, since the guys at Netscape will need quite
some code for being able to display nicely XML documents, and being
able to share the code and the effort would avoid wasting resources
both human and in the computer.

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