Re: Window borders?


Presumably you are running GNOME without any windowmanager....?
GNOME itself contains no windowmanager, if you want to be able to
move, resize... applications you will have to use one, for 
instance enlightenment, icewm, windowmaker .... there are many around.

Good luck... :)

Joe Bowman wrote:
> I installed Gnome, finally got it to start and ran into a problem. The help
> browser starts up in the left hand corner. I go to move it and realize it
> has no borders at at, and there is no way to move the window. I open a
> couple other windows and once again no borders, they start in the same
> place (overlapping each other) and no way to move them to another area of
> the desktop. Another sympton (maybe of the same problem?) I said ok well
> lets keep playing anyway, I tried to set my wallpaper to the same image I
> am using in KDE right now, and it wouldn't work, hit OK and it exits out.
> Tried with several other jpg's including small ones for tiling with no
> success.
> I am completly new to Gnome, though I have only heard good things about it
> and from the glimpes of things I've seen on the web, and things talked
> about here on the mailing list (yes I'm mostly a lurker) I am interested in
> making the change. Several people have told me that Gnome is their default
> desktop now, already over KDE. Any help in helping me getting Gnome up and
> running completly would be appreciated. Thanks
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