Re: Panel problems.

>>>>> "Alexey" == Alexey Kakunin <> writes:

I went away for a weekend, and came back to something like 300 Gnome
messages.  Anyway, I don't think I saw an answer to this one.

Alexey> Also I have one question:

Alexey> The gnome-session starts panel, gmc and help-browser. But I do
Alexey> not need help browser in start up. Where can I change startup
Alexey> options?

If you just mean changing things for yourself, then you don't need to
do anything.  Just exit the help browser.  This is the whole point of
having a session manager -- it restarts your session as it was when
you last logged out.

If you mean changing the initial setup for every user, then you'll
have to edit the source.  I've added a TODO item to change the
implementation so that the sysadmin can edit this (this is what CDE


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