Re: How is the gnome-common package used?

> Right now, I have a GNOME application that I wrote and I'm using a custom
> Makefile to compile it.  This is fine for my own purposes, but no good if
> I want other people to compile it on their own machines.  

I suggest you pick one of the small packages (gnome-graphics) and look
at how they are setup.  

If you want to get an idea of how the build process is assembled, you
shold look into the following:

      autoconf	    -- a program for helping you making your program
		       easy to port and easy to configure and install.

      automake	    -- a program to help you keep your makefiles

There is a GNU hello world program that puts most of the bits together
and explains how a full gnu program should be packaged, you probably
want to look at it and apply that to the slightly enhanced setup we
are using in GNOME.

The only real difference in GNOME packages is that we have an
"" script that takes care of running autoconf, automake and
running configure for you in the proper order.


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