Re: First Time - Need Help

> > That's a common one.  It usually means that your local networking is
> > not set up correctly.  See if you can "ping localhost" even when you
> > are not hooked up to a network.
> My networking setup is very solid. I could ping localhost, but just to test
> I took the laptop off my LAN by ejecting the PCMCIA ethernet card. Still no
> panel. Then I tried your suggestion:

The description you got was on how to fix the panel to work with
MICO (the previous corba implementation that we were using).  I am
running my panel with ORBit as well and encountered the same problem
you had.

The panel is right now exposing its communication endpoint as being
the hostname/port instead of localhost/port (this could maybe be an
ORBit problem), I do not remember the details of this.


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