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> > Perhaps the Redhat lawyer could consult upon this. As to wheter Redhat
> > should own the Trademark, I'm not that sure. Me personally, I trust Redhat
> > enough, but it would probably sound bad to the general public. (That is
> > already crying that Gnome is a Redhat only thing, that Redhat already has
> > to much control, etc.) Perhaps the FSF could get the trademark rights.
> There isn't much of a question: if we want the GNOME logo to have the
> full legal protection possible, it should be trademarked.  It's a simple
> (though long and somewhat costly) process to register in the US.  I think
> the question of ownership of the mark can be decided after we determine
> that we really need to go through the hoops of registration (personally,
> I'd be happy with Red Hat, Bruce Peren's SPI, Linux International, Miguel,
> etc).

Since GNOME is not Linux-specific, Linu-oriented parties seem not very good
candidates.  That leaves Miguel, SPI, or the FSF.   Seems the FSF is the best
choice, because the SPI is still focused on Linux.  (Nothing against Redhat,
which is one of the best companies the world can find)

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